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These art supply collections are available in three sizes/price range: 


The €10 packs contain 3 - 5 items, including products such as acrylic paints, graphic pens, ink brush pens, high quality paint brushes, sample materials and much more!


The €20 mystery boxes contain 4+ full sized items, including high quality notebooks and sketchpads (A5/A6 size), Winsor & Newton inks, charcoal pencils, paint pens, ink brush pens and more!


We have also introduced a limited edition €25 Deluxe Mystery Box which includes either a full paint palette set or a multi-pack graphic pens set plus much more! 

Mystery Art Supplies Lucky Dip!

  • Each mystery pack is pre-packaged so individual items cannot be selected. If there is a particular product or theme you would like (drawing vs painting for example) please leave a note at checkout or contact us directly at any time. 


    Generally, the mystery boxes (€20+) contain a sketchbook of some sort whereas the mystery bags (€10) do not, but again a sketchbook is not guaranteed at any level. €10 Mystery Bags will contain some paper samples to aid in trying out your new art materials. 


    Shipping is estimated according to weight and is not included in price of mystery pack.