This Open Edition print is a professionally printed fine art print of an original charcoal and soft pastel painting from the Wild Wonders Collection.
Jessica Ivy exclusively uses Archival Pigment Print on 100% cotton rag Permajet Museum Heritage paper for an exceptional fine art gallery quality print. The textured paper is representative of the Fabriano Artistico hotpress watercolour paper the original artwork was drawn on.
Each Open Edition print are available in two sizes; 6x8” or 8x10”  and is beautifully presented within a single window mount. 

Shell Shocked

  • As the king of slow and steady, the turtle knows a little something about patience and progress. 
    “Shell Shocked” is a timeless print, perfect for the person in your life who needs a little reminder that going at their own pace is just fine and that chaos shouldn’t faze them.